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Elemental Assasin Book Series by Jennifer Estep

After going days and days of reading YA books, I ended up running into a dead end. It seemed like every book I picked up was similar to books I’ve read in the past. Reading didn’t excite me anymore. Before I would stay up late at night eager to finish the book at hand and find out what happens at the end. Slowly it turned into dismissing the book completely and putting it back in the bookshelf (or closing it on the Kindle App). How did this happen? I honestly don’t know.

It wasn’t until I picked up Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins that my reading spark came back. I then went on Goodreads and tried to find similar books and was able to find some really good book series but then I came to another dead end. It felt like I had read all available books and again felt like no book or series could excite me anymore. Perhaps I just got tired of reading. Who gets tired of reading though? 

Just a couple of days ago I went on Goodreads again to search for Urban Fantasy books and came across the Elemental Assasin series. I had seen it before and had added it to my to-read shelf but I somehow always kept passing it up. This series has more than 10 books in it! Having so many books in a series always makes me do a double take because I don’t want to be disappointed in the end. I’ve seen how long book series start on a high and then slowly go downhill from that. This is one of my biggest fear in reading, getting sucked into a long book series and then having it go downhill. BUT I took a chance with this series and so far I’m not disappointed. 

I am not the best at reviewing books right after I’ve read them because I tend to go on to the next one. Oops. But I’ll try to give a good overall review of this book series so far.


Gin Blanco, secretly known as The Spider and one of the many deadly assassins, works in the pork pit during the day and kills during the night. Gin is one of the only elementals known to a few that has both stone and ice elemental powers. However, because of the torture she endured at the age of thirteen when her mother and sisters died, she is unable to fully use her ice power.  There are four main elemental power: Fire, Air, Ice, and Stone. There are also lower categories of elemental power such as electric and metal. Having two of the main elemental powers makes Gin a force to be reckon with and during her trials she will discover how far she is able to go with it. Gin’s main goal is to find out who killed her mother and sisters and kill the person who did it. The only thing she knows is whoever killed her loved ones was an extremely strong fire elemental woman. 

First of all let me just say, WOW! This book definitely surpassed my expectations. 

My Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★

I usually read standalone paranormal romance books but I’m glad I stepped into this new world. Gin is a bad kickass heroine and one that I would totally want to be. After her loved ones death she had to go into hiding and try to survive in the bad part of town until the owner of the pork pit, Fletcher,  takes her in and teaches her how to defend herself as an assassin. Even though Gin can come off as a cold-hearted person, she’s actually secretly kind and loving towards those who are close to her. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes and she will be the first one to take that dangerous leap before anyone else. She values her family before anything else and proves it continuously throughout the book series. I can completely relate to her character because I’m the same in some sort of way.

There are two potential love interest but the book doesn’t dwell too much into those relationships. The books focuses mainly on Gin fighting the bad guys, protecting her loved ones, and solving the mystery of who killed her family. There are some steamy scenes but they are very brief. I do feel a little sorry for Gin because the guy she is falling for doesn’t accept her for who she is. Being in a relationship with an assassin does sound a little terrifying but at the end don’t we all deserve love?

Each book is wrapped up nicely in the end. There’s no big obvious cliffhangers which I know most of us hate. Instead, the author is able to end it in a way that the reader can’t help but to pick up the next book and see if Gin will get into more trouble and potentially solve the conflict she’s in.

I completely recommend this book series to everyone (16+ because of some of the steamy scenes). If you already read them let me know what you thought about them! If you have any similar book recommendations I would also love to hear them!

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