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Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti

My Rating: 4.5/5 ★★★★☆

After finishing up a really good book and then searching for others similar to it, I was losing hope. I decided to go to my book recommendations on Goodreads and see if any of the books peeked my interest. After clicking on Mercury Striking and reading the plot, I decided to give it a try. I am not much of a fan of apocalyptic kinda books. I usually read your regular paranormal romance with shifters, witches, and vampires. I don’t really do zombies. I don’t think I’ve read a book about zombies before Mercury Striking. Perhaps this is why I really liked it. They say you can never forget your first and that’s true. Now going forward, I will probably end up comparing any other apocalyptic book to Mercury Striking.


Okay, maybe Mercury Striking isn’t about zombies…at least not walking dead zombies or warm bodies zombies. The “zombies” that are in this book are called Rippers. They start of as regular people who get infected by the Scorpius bacterium from contacting it from someone else by transmission of bodily fluids from those who already had it. This bacteria broke out because several scientist which includes our main girl character, Lynne Harmony, were looking into a piece of meteorite and experimenting with its content. Lynne Harmony, who is the head of the disease prevention and control department, is the first to make contact with this bacteria and ends up hospitalized and in a coma. However, her co-workers manage to come up with a somewhat cure for her which in turn makes her heart and surrounding areas blue. There still ins’t a cure for scorpius and the only treatment is to take injections of Vitamin B which help to combat the spread of the bacteria for a temporary time.

After the Scorpius outbreak and the government turns bad, Lynne Harmony escapes with her blue heart and her uncle. Unable to go back because people are hunting her down in hopes of a cure or because she might carry an advance version of the Scorpius bacterium, she seeks the protection of Jax Mercury. Jax is the leader of a surviving community located in Los Angeles. He is one of the few strongest leaders and nobody crosses him without repercussions. Lynne finally comes across Jax and they establish a mutual agreement that if she help him with information on the bacteria and possibly a cure, then he provides protection and kills someone for her. She doesn’t mention who that someone is until towards the end of the book. Not expecting it, they both start feeling something for each other that first starts as mutual attraction and then leads to something more but Jax is a manipulative alpha jerk and refuses to see it.

Other forces soon start attacking Jax’s camp and the government is closing in on Lynne’s location. To make it worse, Jax’s camp is becoming divided as his people are being killed and some are being victims of Scorpius. Now it’s all up to Jax to get himself in check and become that leader his people need and protect them as well as Lynne.

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This book was something special and one of a kind. I mean…it’s probably because it is the first of its kind that I’ve read. I love that from the very beginning the action and suspense is present. I like my books to have a hint of action in the beginning and a sense of mystery. I don’t like to be reading boring introductions in the first five to ten chapters. There’s enough time for that throughout the book not just the beginning. I loved Lynne Harmony’s character; she’s smart, strong and determined to help mankind. She also has a soft part and is vulnerable because of the misconception that people have of her due to her blue heart and Scorpius. Jax is definitely an alpha. He is possessive and a bit of a jerk but deep inside he is a good person who wants to help everyone out and fears letting people down. Spoiler:  OMG! The part where he spanked her because she ended up peeking through the window had me laughing! I was hoping that Lynne would be very angry with him but she seemed more in shock than anything else. The whole Vitamin B as a prevention for Scorpius was a little lame. The author could have come up with a more appealing cool way of helping people fight Scorpius. I mean come on…people could have just bought a ton of Vitamin B vitamin capsules instead of going through the trouble of searching for specific injections. There’s Vitamin B in most foods too! The book also had good supporting characters which is always well appreciated from me. The world building was also well done.

In conclusions, this book was great! I will be on the look out for more zombie type books for now on. I also hear that the author has other good books in paranormal romance so I might give those a try.

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