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Afterlife by Stephanie Hudson

The past couple of days I’ve been trying to find a book I could read for a longer period of time. Most of the books I read tend to be short standalone and only take me a couple of hours to finish. Most of the standalone tend to be fast so I wanted something a little slower.

After going through some past books I’ve enjoyed and looking through the “similar” section on Goodreads, I came across Afterlife as a similar recommendation for Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins. Since I loved Fighting Destiny, I decided to give Afterlife a try.

First, quick summary:

Keira Johnson has a traumatic past she wants to leave behind in England. She moves to the United States to live with her sister Libb and her husband Frank in the hopes of starting a new life away from her troubled past. Her new life was looking good so far. She had a new job at a bar, was starting her first year in college, and she was able to make new friends. Just the simple mention of her new boss Dominic Draven ended up changing everything. Keira and Dominic seem to have an instant connection with each other from the first time they meet but there’s just something off about him and the people around him that Keira can’t quite figure out. Still,  Keira can’t deny her feelings for him but on the other hand,  Dominic seems to be pushing her away at any cost. Her nightmares start coming back and the only way she seems to get rid of them involved Dominic himself. Soon one of her worst nightmares comes back into her new life and she has to go on the run again. Dominic however has other plans that involve having Keira stay within his grasp for good.

After reading some reviews from Goodreads about this book I can see why some rated it lower and some higher. I agree with those who rated it 1-2 stars because yes, the book did drag a lot. There was also some incomplete sentences in paragraphs that made me confused about what was going on in that section of the book. Don’t forget about those language translations… I know my Spanish and what was assumed to be Spanish was definitely not Spanish. Another thing was the high amount of exclamation points that were used just didn’t fit in with what the characters were doing and saying. Speaking of characters, I didn’t completely like Keira because of the way she would succumb to Dominic’s sexual appeal. I wished she would’ve stood up for herself a little more but I understand that her past made her afraid of her surroundings and skeptical about the people she met. I’m not going to lie,  I love my alpha males so when Dominic was being a little possessive and dominant over Keira and her safety I gave this book some bonus points.

Nonetheless, I did enjoyed this book a lot. It did remind me of Fighting Destiny a little and wait for it… Twilight. Yes, you heard me, Twilight. I couldn’t help but to think of Twilight when she was explaining the forest and her meeting with her new friends at school while talking about the Dravens. It made me giggle a little when I made the connection.

Anyways,  I liked that this book was more slow paced then what I usually read. The author was also very detailed about Keira’s surroundings, thoughts, and feelings. The author made sure you were there going through it all with Keira. Although the book did drag a lot, I still found myself finishing it because the mystery of what had happened to Keira was too good to pass up. I mean come on,  the author is building everything up for this moment so it must be good right? I’m so glad I kept reading because things turn out hot and steamy between Keira and Dominic. There’s a lot of action between them and their enemies as well. One thing I do have a complain on is the loss of content over her friends and family while Keira is under Dominic’s protection towards the end of the book. I understand that the author wanted those couple of chapters to be about Dominic and Keira but I would assume Keira would be more worried about her family and friends well being.

My Rating: 3.5 ★★★☆☆

I would totally recommend this book to everyone. It does have some sexual scenes towards the end of the book but it isn’t the primary focus which I really appreciate.

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