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Semi-Charmed by Isabel Jordan

I’ve been in need of a good kick ass heroine for a while now but just haven’t had any luck. Most of the popular books my fellow readers recommended to me didn’t cut it. Then I got a notification for a new response to an old thread in my Goodreads PR/UF group. The thread asked what our favorite heroine was and I immediately clicked on it hoping that someone would name something I haven’t already read or tried to read. Many members bragged about Semi-Charmed and as a result it was the first book I downloaded to read.

Like always, let me give you a quick summary of the book:

Harper Hall is a powerful seer. She has been working closely with h23154817er partner Romeo the crappy vampire slayer to do some quick jobs that involved getting rid of some rogue vampires. Unfortunately, Romeo has finally decided to bail on her and leaves to Vegas leaving behind a short note. Now Harper is left with Romeo’s debt and her business bills which she is unable to pay for. No one will hire her to solve cases without Romeo so she is left working at bars. One night while working, a handsome stranger walks in and sits in the corner sulking. Having no choice in the matter, Harper goes to serve his table but she soon has a premonition of a vampire attack that is happening right outside the bar. She quickly makes due with what she has and faces the vampire in the back alley but as soon as she is about to be beaten to death by the vampire, the mysterious man from the bar kicks the vampires butt thus saving her. Turns out her hero is Noah Riddick, the famous and dangerous vampire slayer himself. Now faced with another dangerous case but unable to help without a vampire slayer, Harper must convince Noah to be her partner. Being partners with Noah isn’t as easy as she thought. She finds herself wanting to be his partner in bed and not just work.


four_half-stars_0 4.5/5 stars rating

Main Characters:

Harper is such a stubborn, funny, humble, and independent woman. I love her family as well, they’re all so funny and protective over her. She is good with a crossbow and she’s a prodigy seer. Harper has a way of always getting what she wants no matter what.  She will fight hard to protect those she cares about.

Noah Riddick is a broken man. He is addicted to vampire hunting and is protective over his loved ones. Everyone says he’s a dangerous unpredictable man and they might just be right. He doesn’t ever get too close to people and has always been on his own.

Overall thoughts on the book: 

I really really really enjoyed this book. The only reason why I didn’t give it a full five stars was because at some point I got annoyed at Noah for trying to push Harper away all in the name of protecting her and it “being the right thing to do.”  This book was hilarious. It had just the right amount of romance, sex, comedy, and butt kicking that I was looking for. I really enjoyed Harper’s sarcastic comebacks towards the vampires she caught. I don’t know what this book would be without Harper. She’s basically the life of the book. My heart goes out to Noah Riddick because of his nasty past. Everyone puts him up to be this cold emotionless slayer but in reality he just hides behind  a wall.  I’m glad Harper is the stubborn person she is and did everything to break down that wall and refused to give up on him. There’s another couple involved in this book which the author revolves her third book around. There’s also somewhat of a third guy who has his eyes on Harper so I guess you could somewhat say there might be a love triangle.

I REALLY recommend this book to anyone looking for a funny kick ass heroine! I can’t promise you’ll love it but I really hope you at least find it hilarious like I did.

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