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The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe


Clarissa Rue Hawthorne is a halfling; half human and half dragon. When she was younger her fellow clan members would bully her because of her status and her physical state. All she ever wanted was to be free and be accepted by her clan and gain Cristoffs love and attention. Cristoff is the heir to the Dragon Clan. He is alpha and to rule over his clan he will need to find his alpha mate.

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Knowing that on her seventeen birthday she will be able to turn into a dragon and be arranged to marry the alpha, Clarissa fakes her death and runs away.  She loves Cristoffs and will always love him but she does not want to be stuck in a marriage where her love is not reciprocated. Now Clarissa is twenty-three and is one of London’s notorious thiefs. She steals diamonds and any other jewels she can get her hands on. She has been able to escape her past but that soon changes when the clans Langford Diamond is shown in public in order to bait her and capture her. 

Cristoff wants to find who the smoke thief is so he uses the the Langford Diamond to lure him/her out. He can feel the strong power and knows it’s one of the clan members but he never thought it would be Clarrisa. Kit (Cristoff) is now determined to capture Clarrisa (also known as Rue) and make her his bride. 


My Thoughts:

It really makes me happy when I’m able to find a book that really goes above my expectations. The Smoke Thief was well written from the start of the first page to end of the last. We have a stubborn and feisty kick ass heroine and a demanding alpha male. What else could I ask for? Lately I’ve been on the hunt for more books with feisty heroines and I’m glad I randomly came across this book on Goodreads. I like that the female lead is able to stand up for herself and comes up with sarcastic comebacks. Clarissa is able to kick some butt in order to protect herself and those she loves. 

I have to admit… I still have a few question about the story that I don’t think were fully answered in the book. SPOILER ALERT: Did Clarissa go to the diamond showing to steal the diamond or just to look at who would come? She goes on this adventure to restore the diamond and acts like she doesn’t know who it was. Didn’t she plan it all though? When Kit confronts her and she suddenly goes up in smoke to escape it came across as Clarissa being the one who stole the diamond. I’m still confused. END SPOILER. 

The epilogue reminded me of the book Red The Were Hunter because of the way it was written. The Smoke Thief  introduces the tale of the Drakon and how it came to be followed by great detail on the different Clans. The first book of the series takes place in the Langford Clan. Each book in the series has its own clan to focus on. I usually come across these types of books where each book in the series is based on different members of the group and not necessarily an entire separate group for each book.  Due to this,  I tend to not continue with the series since most cases the plot and story line are too similar to the previous one. So although I probably won’t read the second book to this series because of this, I’ll probably read it sometime later so the stories don’t sound to repeated or similar. 

There aren’t many books on dragon shifters as I would like there to be and when they are they seem to be too similar to one another. I liked the way the author described the change from human to dragon; they are able to turn into smoke and then into a dragon. This was definitely a new and unique way to describe a shift. 

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this book as a whole and recommend it to those who like dragon shifters, feisty heroines, and “true mate” books.

My Rating: 5/5 StarsImage result for 5 stars

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