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A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

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Catalina Fisa a.k.a “Cat,” has been hiding away in a circus as a soothsayer in order to escape her psychotic mother who either wants to kill her or torture her. Cat has strong magic power and is the powerful Kingsmaker which makes her the most valuable asset to have for any kingdom. However, she doesn’t want that and refuses to be captured by anyone. Image result for a promise of fire

Griffin who has taken over Sintan Kingdom with no magic needs a magoi, otherwise known as a magic wielding person, at his side. He is on the look out to find one that is powerful enough to tie the kingdoms together in order to bring peace. He comes across Cat at the circus and knows he has found the perfect person for the role. Not only is she perfect for the kingdom but he knows that she is the one meant for him. 

Now Cat has to help Griffin bring peace with the kingdoms while staying under the radar in order for her big secret to stay hidden. If her secret comes out it might be the end for her and possibly the kingdom. 


My Thoughts:

The beginning of the book was full of action but then it just started to drag. This big secret that Cat was hiding was taking too long to be revealed and was just annoying. It is clearly evident what her secret is so having to spend a whole book hiding it was pointless. I was hoping that at some point they would figure it out but alas, the book finishes without no unveiling of it. 

I understand that Cat is scared to bring destruction into the lives of those she cares for and so she hides her true identity. I get it but come on! I’m sure Griffin is strong enough to handle such an obvious secret. I enjoyed Cat’s character in the beginning of the book. She was sarcastic, strong, stubborn, and feisty. Towards the middle of the book her stubbornness becomes annoying and towards the end of the book she just becomes a scared girl running from her nightmares. 

I like that she stands up for herself and can protect herself but constantly pushing away from other was just a little too much for my likeing. The book has a good amount of action going on but it just wasn’t enough for me to want to keep reading. Once they get to their destination the story just becomes boring. I feel like the story could’ve been done in just one book. There’s no need to drag so much. The only reason why I finished it was because I wanted to see if Cat was finally going to submit herself to Griffin and trust him with her true identity.

I even went as far as to read the second book in the series in hopes that the author picked up the pace a little. Well she did but the way she did it just made it confusing. There’s just too much pointless dialogue going on and it wasn’t as enjoyable as the start of the first book. Sufficed to say that I didn’t finish the second book. I was only able to read two chapters (her secret is finally out!) and I was done. 

My Rating: 3/5 Stars 3of5Stars.png

I gave it a three stars because although it dragged a lot towards the middle and end of the book, I still enjoyed the beginning and most of the action going on. 

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