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Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon


Average Georgie working as a bank teller didn’t think her life could get any difficult. She goes to sleep one night dreaming of dark things and wakes up in who knows where with these weird green creatures (aliens). She comes to find out that she has been kidnapped along with other girls who are in terrible conditions. They’re guarded around the clock by “basketball shaped” aliens in a small cage.

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Georgie takes it upon herself to make a plan and get everyone out no matter what. However, her plan doesn’t look like it will work because the other girls are deadly afraid and too weak to do anything. Just when she thought hope was  lost, the ship’s engine ends up failing and the aliens have to leave the cargo (the girls) behind in a safe spot. Now the girls are stranded in another planet and must try to survive and find a way out before its to late and they parish.

Georgie takes the leadership role and goes out to scatter her surroundings in hopes of finding water and food. Instead of just finding food and water, she finds a strange blue creature who ends up helping her. The creatures name is Vektal and is an inhabitant of this planet. He plays Georigie’s protector and lover and with his help they hope they can survive.


My Thoughts:

I don’t read many alien books so every time I came across one I would immediately ignore it. This one was in my recommendations and seeing as I had nothing else interesting to read I ended up taking a leap of faith and downloaded the kindle edition on to my phone. It did not disappoint.

The introduction of the story is laid back. You have a bank teller who hates her job and doesn’t have much of an exciting life. She goes to sleep only to wake up to ugly looking aliens. I liked how it all happened randomly and sounded like it could happen to anyone at anytime. It was told as if you’re best friend was telling you a funny story that happened to her a while back. 

I liked that our main heroine isn’t this stubborn annoying lead. She is headstrong and plays the leadership role. Although she is in an unknown world and afraid, her determination comes through and shes able to put that uneasiness away in order to help the other girls. I also enjoyed Vektals character although I have to say that his physic didn’t seem that attractive to me. Vektal is chief of his tribe but despite being a natural born leader is not overly possessive and disrespectful. He goes out of his way to protect Georgie and show her the love that he has always wanted to show his mate. 

Overall this was a nice easy read. There wasn’t too much going on that it overwhelms and confuses the reader which is a nice switch from recent books I’ve been reading. Of course there could have been more to the story with the aliens kidnapping them but it was essentially about Vektal and Georgies relationship. One thing that made me laugh was Vektal’s tail. Every time Vektal and Georgie made love, Vektals tail would go back and forth just like a dog would when he’s happy. I also enjoyed Liz’s supporting character, she has these nice witty comebacks and has a fiesty spirit. Her story is told in the next book in the series and I bet it’s going to be a good one. 

My Rating: 4/5 Stars Image result for four stars

I highly recommend this book to those who like alien and human relationships that have a somewhat happy ending. Especially if you like aliens with horns and tails. 

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