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A Baby for the Alien Prince by Miranda Martin


The Alvand race is dying due to a decline in females and child birth. Prince Elorshin Do’ana is commanded by the prince of the major house to take an off-world bride in hopes of having offspring. However, Elorshin doesn’t want to mate with just any bride because she might not be able to fully bond with him like mated pairs in Alvand. Having no choice in the matter, he signs up with Celestial Mates Dating Agency to pair him up with an adequate bride.

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Earth is overpopulated and only the wealthy are allowed to have children and live up in fancy skyscrapers. Wanting a place of her own with her own children seems to be a very distant dream for Margot Whelan until she finds a card for Celestial Mates Dating Agency. Having nothing to loose she goes in and takes the questionnaire to be paired up with someone. 

Now Margot is stuck in another planet with a blue sexy alien prince who seems to keep ignoring her at every turn. She thought life would be different in this new planet but she feels more alone than ever before. Elorshin knows  he isn’t giving Margot the attention and love she deserves but he still doesn’t trust her and doesn’t want to jeopardize bonding with her. They must both overcome their issues in order to make their relationship work and face a new threat that wants to take Margot away. 


My Thoughts:

After just finishing an alien book I had to find another one to read. I would have just finished the Ice Planet Barbarian series but decided to leave it for another time. I ended up going on my kindle store and looking at some of the recommendations. That’s where I came across this gem! 

I really enjoyed this book because it was a little different than other alien books I’ve read. We have a reluctant alien prince who has the duty of finding a mate in order for his kingdom to prosper. Then there’s Margot,  an ordinary earth woman who wants to escape her reality in order to find freedom and love. Usually in most alien books you find women being sent by spaceship to some other planet where they are forced to marry but this is not the case for this book. It reminds me of that series where they use an online dating agency to pair up shifters (can’t remember the name).

The thing I found lacking in this book was the world building. I found myself lost and confused because I couldn’t really imagine the world Margot and Elorshin were living in. They both lived underground away from the sun. Details on their world was just to vague. I wished the author could have explained the reason for Margot living underground and why the earth was overpopulated. However, the author did explain why Elorshin’s world was dark and gloomy (the suns went supernova making ugly creatures dwell on the surface). 

Besides the world building issue, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Margot and Elorshin’s relationship grow with love and trust. Margot stands up for herself despite the language barrier and Elorshin is that alpha teddy bear who just wants to find love but finds it hard to trust. The author also throws in a villain to spice things up a little and make the story a little more interesting. 

My Rating: 4/5 Stars Image result for four stars

Recommended to those who like alien romance with a sweet alpha alien looking for his true mate. 

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