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Agent of Enchantment by C.N. Crawford

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Cassandra Liddell, FBI Profile Agent , has a strange case she can’t seem to figure out yet. All evidence point to either a high skilled murder or someone not entirely human. It doesn’t help that she’s also a complete outsider in London and her temporary colleagues aren’t too fond of her. There’s something about being in London that doesn’t feel quite right but is also familiar. Maybe it’s the murders that are happening and the too many dark alleys around her but strangely she is not afraid. 

Agent of Enchantment (Dark Fae FBI, #1)

Then in comes Roan, he is handsome but dangerous.  Every time Cassandra glances at him she will sometimes get a glimpse of horns in his head. She must be going crazy. That’s the only explanation for all the strange things she has been seeing  ever since she came to London. Despite this, she can’t seem to keep Roan of her mind. He seems to be everywhere she goes. 

His strange behavior makes Cassandra suspect him of being the murder but Roan disagrees. He says he is also out to find who the strange murder is and can help her. Since she can’t seem to find the answer’s her way, she has no other choice but to trust Roan and work on this case together. 

Instead of being closer to the murderer, Cassandra starts to finally discover who she really is and what she is capable of. She dives head first into a dangerous world she thought was myth and has to come to grips with what might have really happened to her parent’s strange death. Only by accepting her new identity will she be able to discover the answers she seeks. 

My Thoughts:

The premise of this book caught my eye from the very start. I’ve always been intrigued with TV-Shows and books about crime solving so it was only natural that I would pick this book up. Plus it had Fae in it! Bonus points. I honestly can’t remember the last time I read a fea book. The last fae book I remember reading was Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins. Anyways… the first half of this book was very interesting but I got lost somewhere in the middle and after that I just couldn’t get back to it. 

Cassandra knows there’s something different about her so when she sets her eyes on Roan she is forced to accept that there might be strange creatures with magic besides just your typical human. Knowing that she might be closer to being one of those creatures puts Cassandra in a vulnerable defensive spot. Roan seems to be the only one able to help her solve her case and help her find out who she really is. 

See the fist half of the book is mostly about Cassandra solving her case but towards the middle she is thrown into the fae world at random. The author doesn’t do a very good job to build this fae world. We are thrown into it with Cassandra blindly and it makes it hard to follow the story especially when a big chunk of the story centers around this fae world. I feel like the author added a lot of unnecessary story that didn’t really need to be there. SPOILER> For example, Cassandra is made to go on this adventure with Roan to save someone special to him. The adventure they go on is quite frankly…boring. What was the point of this adventure? What’s so important about this girl they’re trying to save? It doesn’t make sense and the author doesn’t bother to fully explain why it all happens 

At least the author reveals who the murder is at the end and although the story has a weird cliffhanger, the author is able to wrap it up somewhat nicely. I don’t know how I feel about Roan. There’s really not a lot of background information besides what Cassandra was able to unveil. I can’t figure out why Roan hates Cassandra’s “ability” so  much. My feelings about this book are uncertain. The author did a really great job with the crime solving aspect. The way Cassandra solved case was very interesting and made me think just like a FBI profiler. The other aspects of this book like the world building and the relationship between Roan and Cassandra were a little lacking for me. 

My Rating: 3.5/5 3,5.png

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