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Death & Relaxation by Devon Monk


Delaney Reed, Police Chief of Ordinary, Oregon, knows that mythology gods and creatures such as werewolves and vampire are real. She is in charge of making sure they follow the rules while vacationing in Ordinary. The Rhubarb Festival is right around the corner and tourist are pouring in from everywhere just to try the new rhubarb recipes. With the new tourist come new gods and more trouble than what Delaney can handle. 

Death and Relaxation (Ordinary Magic, #1)

To make things more stressful, her ex-boyfriend Cooper Clark has just arrived and wants to rebuild their relationship he left behind. However, Delaney has moved on and has her eyes set on Ryder Bailey, her long time childhood crush. Nothing is as it seems in Ordinary and Ryder Bailey might not be who he is. A god has also been murdered and its up to Delaney to figure out what is going on but with a short list of suspects its turning out to be harder than what  she thought. 

Delaney has to solve this murder case while trying to pursue the growing attraction with Ryder Bailey. She will have to call on the residing gods to aide in the murder case in hopes to bring justice to the god Heim. Time is running out and Delaney still has to find a mortal willing to take on the dead god’s power otherwise the result could be catastrophic. 


My Thoughts:

I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did. If i’m being honest, the reason why I liked it so much was due to the huge similarity with the Elemental Assassin series. If you guys already read that review you’ll know that I was completely hooked to it. These two series have similar characters and story line. Both characters solve crimes, have a love triangle, have different supernatural friends to count on, both characters have some sort of power that needs to be kept secret. There’s just a lot of similarities so its no wonder that I would enjoy Death & Relaxation. 

However, I do have some criticism to give like how most of the mysterious occurrences were a little too easy to solve. The only mystery that is still to be reveal is Ryder Bailey and who he really is. It’s clear that he is trying to protect Delaney from something but he’s a jerk for just leaving her like he did. 

I enjoyed the laid back pace of this book and the humorous aspects of it.  The thought of having gods vacationing in a mortal world was clever and made it enjoyable. One of my concerns before reading this book was that it would have too many plot holes or that the plot would not make any sense. I didn’t have to worry though because the author did an amazing job with the world building and the plot was well written. 

Although most people seemed to not like this book and its story line, I really recommend people to give this a go if they like a laid back book with humor and crime solving mixed in. I guarantee you’ll like it if you liked the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep. 

My Rating: 4.5/5 4.5 stars.png

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