About TDBW


✿。.+:✿~ WELCOME! ~✿。.+:✿

Below are some general questions I’ve answered so you guys can get to know a little about myself (:


Who’s The Dirty Book Worm?

~Mayra is the name. I’m a 21 year old gal from Texas who loves to read books. I’am an adventurous spirit who likes to try new places and foods! I have a second blog which counts as my personal blog where I talk about my new adventurers and what not. 

What genre of books do you read? Why?

~ Well I used to read a lot of YA before but ended up getting bored of it. It seemed like every book I picked up was similar to the previous one. However, one day, I finally discovered adult paranormal romance! I guess I just felt like I was passed the YA stage and needed to move on to more mature reading. If the book has some paranormal and some romance in it, I can guarantee you I will be reading it. I’m just recently getting into Urban Fantasy but haven’t had much luck finding good series that keep my attention. Will continue to be on the look out!

Would you ever consider reading anything else besides Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy? Will you talk about it? 

~ Definitely! If the book has a good plot then I’ll for sure check it out! It doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy. Those are just the two genre I enjoy reading from. If I find a good book outside of my favorite genres then I’ll definitely review it and post it!

Will you review or post anything other than book reviews? 

~Hmmmm… Sure! If I do anything book related like go to book events then I’ll talk about it on the blog. I’ll also be doing things like read along or book of the month etc.. I will also do a watch along where I watch TV-Shows based on books or review movies based on books.

Do you prefer to watch the movie or read the book first? 

~ Some of y’all will completely disagree with me but… I would watch the film or show first. I like to see the words come to action on the screen. If I liked the movie then I’ll go ahead and read the book but If I didn’t really like the movie then I wont “have” to read the book. *shrugs*


Feel free to ask me any other questions!